Traffic Pushmessage

Beat traffic with the Smart Travel Assistant

TimesUpp checks the latest traffic info for your next destination and sends a travel alert when it’s time to leave. Need extra time to park? Double check! We’ve taken that into account too.


Your whole itinerary. Today and the next 60 tomorrows.

Whenever you add a location to appointments in your calendar, TimesUpp automatically calculates travel times for you. View your whole itinerary up to 60 days in the future – TimesUpp is the only app that does that!

Smart Planning

Smart Planning

Home, work, daycare, grocery store: TimesUpp can plan your daily trips too and. Just add the location, the time and day you need to be there, and you’ll automatically receive a travel alert. Have an appointment just before you normally go home? You’ll get your travel alert for home after your meeting. Smart planning means just that.

navigation apps

Best friends with the best navigation apps

TimesUpp shows the route and travel time on a list and on the map. Time to leave? Just tap the Navigation button and presto! TimesUpp works seamlessly with Google Maps, Apple Maps, Waze and even with your TomTom device. Instant navigation with the tap of a button.

smart travel assistant

Your smart travel assistant

TimesUpp transforms your calendar into the perfect travel assistant. Know just where you need to be and how to get there, right when you need to. See travel times for all your appointments and get a travel alert when it’s time to leave. By car, public transport, bicycle or on foot, we’ve got you covered.