Innovactory earned an FD Gazellen Award 2017, one of the most prestigious business awards in The Netherlands, given annually to the fastest growing companies in the country. The award is a recognition for companies that have grown their revenues for three consecutive years with at least 20% each year, and that have shown substantial profits.

New ecosystem of personal mobility.

Lucien Groenhuijzen, CEO of Innovactory, said: ‘We are proud of this recognition for the structural growth and aim to continue it for the coming years.’ He continues at Innovactory we believe that future mobility is going to be shaped by global megatrends like urbanization, pollution, congestion and connectivity. These trends will revolutionize the way we currently look at mobility and personal mobility in particular. It’s going to change the entire way how we travel from A to B and that change will be creating a whole new ecosystem of personal mobility. It’s an opportunity to improve the way people move, both for the individual and for society. We  are going to support travellers around the world during their daily commute, frequent trips and journeys to every destination. We believe that people across the globe can benefit from proactive, context aware messages from mobile personal assistants in the palm of their hand.

100,000 users

Innovactory, with its award-winning free app TimesUpp, aims to change the way people travel by analyzing the user’s behavior and suggesting alternative travel times and routes. TimesUpp, with 100,000 users in the Netherlands and Belgium, will soon be expanded into Europe. Innovactory was founded in 2013 by a team with a track record in the navigation industry. And are using that expertise to develop innovative applications, in the smart mobility area. To read more about the FD Gazellen award, click here.