App Annie, the app market data and insights company, publishes a daily ranking of the preferred mobile apps per country and category. The team at TimesUpp prepared a list of the ten most reviewed and highest ranked driving apps in Belgium. In order to guide our readers, we only chose those apps that received a rating above 4 stars in the Belgian App Store. TimesUpp, our flagship product, is one of them, which perfectly works with the top navigation apps of this list, such as Google Maps and Waze. We hope this ranking helps you choose the most suitable apps to take on the road! 1) Google Maps – (9676 reviews, 4,5-star rating) Google Maps is probably one of the most downloaded driving apps on the planet. Its features, such as GPS navigation and satellite maps are quite well-known. In terms of its newest features, the app now allows measuring distances between pins dropped on a map and posting pics directly from mobile devices. 2) Waze: (7530 reviews; 4,5-star rating) Waze is a crowd-sourced GPS navigation app with a community of 90 million users. According to the blog iMore, Waze differentiates from Google Maps in that it excels at leveraging user-generated content. Amongst its key features: Automatic re-routing and sound alerts, if the speed limit is exceeded. 3) Coyote (7261 reviews; 4,5-star rating) Coyote is another driving app that offers user-generated content.  Information such as speed cameras, accidents, speed limits and slow-moving traffic is available through Coyote. Coyote’s community of 4,8 million users is smaller than Waze’s. 4) Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps (1828 reviews; 4,5-star rating) Aside from GPS Navigation, Sygic also offers offline maps and traffic information. According to their App Store page, the app has a community of 200 million drivers. Their offline 3D maps and head-up display (display reflected on the windshield) are a couple of features that distinguishes Sygic from its competitors. 5) ViaMichelin (667 reviews; 4,5-star rating) ViaMichelin is an app produced by Michelin, the largest tire manufacturer in the world, based in France. This company, also notable for its restaurant and tourist guides, offers an app that combines 3D navigation, tourist information and estimated fuel costs. 6) Navmii GPS Benelux, Offline Navigation and Traffic (610 reviews, 4-star rating) Navmii, another community-based navigation and traffic app, offers information obtained through its community of 1,5 million contributors. Similar to its competitors, it offers voice-guided navigation, speeding and safety camera alerts and ETA indicator. Their maps are also available offline. 7) TimesUpp (385 reviews, 4-star rating) TimesUpp is a travel assistant, which does not only offer maps and live traffic information, but that also analyzes agenda information to offer personalized travel advice. Its travel alert helps users be on time at their destination. Also, it works with popular navigation apps, such as Waze, TomTom Go, Maps (iOS) and Google Maps. 8) Infos Radars (317 reviews, 4,5-star rating)   Infos Radars is the first French-speaking community of road information in Belgium. As well as its competitors, it allows creating incidents, receiving alerts for radars on the road, as well as notifying friends about road incidents. 9) Inrix Traffic  (312 reviews, 4,5-star rating) Inrix Traffic is a traffic, navigation and parking app that also allows sharing incidents with other users. A couple of its features: sharing ETA with family and friends, prices of the cheapest parking spots and traffic forecasts. 10) CoPilot GPS (291 reviews, 4-star rating) CoPilot GPS offers offline GPS and maps, as well as preloaded offline places, such as restaurants and gas stations. It includes free voice-guided navigation during the first week of use, after which the user can decide to upgrade.