There are several free GPS navigation apps available in the App Store which make our commute easier. However, only a handful of them lives in the heart of the European driver, which is reflected by the number of installs, ratings, and reviews given. The team at TimesUpp has gathered the top 5 GPS navigation apps in six European countries, based on information available on App Annie and valid as of January 2018. Surprisingly, a few of these top apps are only known locally. However, popular apps, such as Google Maps and Waze, also occupy important places in these countries’ rankings. United Kingdom: In the UK, Google Maps and Waze are the top downloaded Navigation apps as of January 2018. Google Maps, with its 4,5-star rating and more than 90 000 reviews, is by far the preferred navigation app in the UK. Waze comes in second, with an average rating of 4,5 stars and over 29 000 reviews. In the 3rd place, the London Live Bus Countdown, an app that offers bus, tube and rail routes across London. The app also allows users to view Oyster Card balance information, as well as information related to disruptions. Germany: Next to Google Maps, which has become the top downloaded navigation app in this country, we have other apps related to car commuting, such as Clever Tanken (3rd place) and Mehr Tanken (5th place). These two apps help drivers compare oil prices at gas stations. At the 4th place of the German ranking, we find, offering offline maps and information about dangers on the roads, traffic jams, and speed cameras. According to their App Store page, is the largest traffic community in Germany, boasting about 5 million members. the Netherlands: Google Maps occupies the 1st place within the Navigation category. However, a couple of local apps have a place on the top 5. Apps such as Flitsmeister and ANWB Onderweg take the 2nd and 4th places. Flitsmeister, similar to, warns drivers of speed cameras and other road obstructions. ANWB Onderweg is an application of the National Touring Association, which combines maps, gas price information across gas stations in the Netherlands, parking availability, amongst other features. France:  Besides Google Maps, Waze and Moovit, which occupy the 1st, 2nd and 5th places respectively, we also find CityMapper and Mappy. CityMapper is an app offering public transportation information of large cities, such as Paris or Lyon. Mappy occupies the 4th place in the French App Store ranking. Next to offering GPS, Mappy offers various transportation suggestions in French. Italy: Google Maps and Waze are the definitive winners in Italy. With a 4,5 star rating and more than 90,000 reviews each one, they have earned the preference of Italian users. Other two traffic-related applications, Moovit and Citymapper, occupy the 3rd and 5th places. Spain: Next to Google Maps, Waze and Moovit (1st, 2nd and 4th place respectively), two other local apps occupy the top of the ranking. TelPark and ElParking are applications that allow Spanish drivers to find and pay for parking. These two apps help their users save time and avoid parking fines.