We have read it everywhere. Saving time has become a goal in life, amongst the many goals we set for ourselves. In 2017, productivity in its different shapes and forms has become a highly searched subject, according to Google Trends. Searches related to productivity at work have doubled since 2008. In the spirit of saving you some time searching these posts, the team at TimesUpp has picked the most interesting takeaways from these 2017 productivity posts that went viral. These viral posts were found using a viral content app called Ruzzit. We hope the summary of these articles offers you valuable takeaways:
  1. Collaboration could make you lose time: According to an article published by Inc. Magazine, collaboration could create mediocrity, not excellence. A study from Applied Psychology explains that sometimes collaborative work environments can make the top-performers (the innovators and the hard-workers) feel isolated. Workplace issues, such as back-stabbing and not being recognized for one’s contributions, can get them disillusioned. The same applies to top-performers who try to avoid working in teams by often working from home. They could feel isolated, which can create high levels of dissatisfaction. (Virality factor: 55.7K Facebook shares)
  2. Why your brain loves ordered tasks? : According to this article, scientific research shows that your brain is wired to help you remember tasks that you haven’t done, more than those that you have already accomplished. Writing to-do lists in a friendly language is, according to psychologist Dr. David Cohen, a great tool to keep track of your work, and accomplish it. (Virality Factor: 10,4K Facebook shares)
  3. The morning routine that will save you 20+ hours per week: According to psychologist Ron Friedman, an organizational psychologist and author, the three first hours of your day will make you or break you. Right after waking up, our brain makes useful connections that could be used to perform at our best. If somehow we could devote the first three hours to highly productive activities and avoid distractions, we could finish tasks before 5 pm and therefore, save many hours every week. (Virality factor: 6,5K Facebook shares)
  4. How to make the most of your workday: This viral post published in the New York Times consists of advice related to different aspects of working. Some of the key recommendations were: For the multitasking worker, avoiding distractions can be a key improvement strategy. For the ones who tend to procrastinate, to take accountability for one’s contribution to projects. For the people who work with computers, try to find one that makes you faster instead of slowing you down. Finally, for the ones who work at desks, the importance to keep it organized to avoid distractions. (Virality factor: 5,9 Facebook shares).
  5. 15 tools to accelerate your productivity: Entrepreneur magazine made a selection of tested productivity tools. Some of them are already quite well-known, such as Asana, a project-management tool, and Evernote, a note-taking application (both of them offering “freemium” options). A few others are perhaps a bit more niche, but still incredibly valuable, such as Pocket, a tool to save all your favorite articles, and RescueTime, an application to measure your time spent on social media. (Virality factor: 3,2K Facebook shares).