The problem of the traffic congestion in Antwerp is a tricky one. According to TomTom’s Congestion Index, in 2016 it took Antwerp’s drivers an extra 30% in travel time, which represents almost 40 minutes extra on the road, or 131 hours per year of extra travel time. In the same year, the extra travel time took place mostly on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays during the day, and on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays during the night. According to this same source, the congestion levels have maintained stably at 20%+ since 2008. According to an Inrix research, the Borgerhout area contains the worst traffic hotspots in Antwerp. Here, the average travel duration during traffic congestion is about 80 minutes. About 396 occurrences of traffic jams took place during September 2016, the selected research period.

Slashing the traffic jams using TimesUpp

The good news is: we can do something about it. Technology can help you determine when using the car is not recommended, and offer you route alternatives to your destination. Also, many companies offer the possibility of working from home or commuting at different hours. The government’s initiative SlimNaarAntwerpen (of “Travel Smart” to Antwerp) has partnered with technology partners, such as TimesUpp, to help road users make smarter commuting decisions. If you live or regularly commute in the Antwerp region, download TimesUpp (Android or Iphone), click on the “Join Now” button, and you will instantly be part of this program. TimesUpp will study your commuting behavior for about two weeks, and send you personalized suggestions. The more you avoid traffic congestion in the Antwerp area, the more credits you will earn. You can exchange these credits for cool gifts at web shops.

Every little counts

Every action counts. By avoiding the rush hours, you will also save precious time, the currency of our age. And, if you don’t think time equals money, here’s a fact for you. According to Inrix, the cost of congestion in Antwerp, which is a monetization of the time wasted in traffic, will be 6.2 billion euros in 2025. With the help of technology, we can all slash the high price of wasting time on the roads.