Today Smart Traveling!, a campaign that rewards commuters on the Dutch A2 Motorway between Weert and Eindhoven if they reduce the usage of their car more often, is launched. By switching e.g. to cycling, public transport, working home more often or delay their travel beyond rush hour. The aim of the campaign is to improve the traffic flow on and around the A2 between Weert and Eindhoven and will be running until 2020. Participants of Smart Traveling! receive personal travel advice via the TimesUpp app. They can collect gifts such as bicycle accessories or P + R credit when they avoid the A2. The campaign is an initiative of SmartwayZ.NL, the program in which various governments, companies and knowledge institutions work together to improve the accessibility of the Southern part of the Netherlands. Anyone who wants to participate in Smart Traveling! can download the free TimesUpp app and register for the project. TimesUpp is a digital travel assistant that gives users insight into the best routes and its alternatives from A to B, taking into account speed, costs and sustainability.

More air for A2

Christophe van der Maat, deputy for mobility and chairman of the SmartwayZ.NL program council, is delighted with this initiative: “With this service we are not going to solve all traffic jams on the A2 but we want Smart Traveling! commuters accustomed to traveling by car are tempted to make a different, smarter choice. Whether you work at home or take the bike every trip you travel smart and clean counts. “The campaign is part of a No Regret package of measures to improve traffic flow and road safety on this part of the A2 motorway. Van der Maat: “The No Regret package forms a bridge between the current situation and a future package to be realized in the future. The realization of large-scale infrastructural measures is after all a process of years. With this campaign we try to give the A2 a bit of air and to ensure better accessibility of the region in the short term.”  

Multiple services from 2019 onwards

As of 2019, the parties working together within SmartwayZ.NL want to stimulate and facilitate several smart mobility services on a large scale in the South of the Netherlands. The experiences gained with TimesUpp will be taken into account. More information will be published in the autumn of 2018.


The Province of Noord-Brabant, the Province of Limburg, the Ministry of Infrastructure & Water Management, Rijkswaterstaat, municipalities in Brabant and Limburg and social and interest groups and market and knowledge parties have joined forces. Under the umbrella of SmartwayZ.NL, they work together as one organization to improve accessibility in the southern parts of the Netherlands. This programme consists of eight related subtasks. Varying from the development and implementation of ITS/smart mobility solutions, to the physical widening of motorways and the tackling of transport hubs. This joint and integrated approach should lead to the smoothest, safest, most robust and smartest mobility network in the Netherlands. The programme will run until 2026. Visit for more information.