Once again this year we are challenging motorists to avoid the crowds on the road in different regions in the Benelux. Do you travel more often by bicycle, public transport, travel outside rush hour or work at home for a day? Then as a participant in one of these reward programmes you can save up for nice gifts!

Which regions can participate and save?

  • Antwerp: Do you regularly drive during rush hour in the Antwerp region? Are you ever confronted with delays? Join the Go Smart program and save for beautiful gifts.
  • Groningen: Do you regularly drive on the southern ring road between Julianaplein and Europaplein? Then you can join Gafilevrij.nl and save €275 in gifts!
  • Noord-Brabant & Limburg: Do you regularly use the A2 between Weert and Eindhoven? Then join Smart Journey! and travel smarter and cleaner.
  • Gelderland: Later this year, Nijmegen will also follow with their Go Smart programme.
How do you participate?
  • Open TimesUpp with this link
  • Click on ‘I’m participating’ at the bottom of the menu and sign up for the programme in your region.
  • Fill in your details and start saving!
By leaving the car at home more often, together we contribute to the accessibility of these regions and the reduction of CO2 emissions. With similar programmes, which we have carried out together with our clients, TimesUpp users have carried out more than 250,000 fewer car trips in 2017 (!) This has resulted in CO2 savings of almost 900,000 kg. Will you also participate? For questions about our rewards programmes, please contact our service desk via: support@timesupp.com Enjoy travelling together with TimesUpp!